Should you join the group workouts at the gym?

It depends.
1. Do they check your movements and posture? Do they identify the top 2 factors for injury, previous injury and imbalances? Do they identify your motion imbalances compared to normal and left to right differences? Do they test your stability imbalances? Strength imbalances?
*These apply to the neck, trunk, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and feet.
Based on this, do they teach you how to modify for your body?
2. Do they closely observe and modify your exercises based on your breathing, form and control?
3. Do they teach self-awareness and emphasize that exercising with pain, doing movements you can’t control, or exercises with clicking and popping should be avoided?
4. Do they remind you that all of these factors need to be re-assessed when any variable is changed: a new movement, more resistance or weight, more reps, change in speed, or more range of motion?
5. Do they remind you that your exercise ability will change daily based on stress, sleep, fatigue, nutrition, hydration, and state of mind?
Exercising with abnormal movement leads to compensation, strain & injury. No matter how motivated you are, how many braces you wear or how loud the trainer yells. When you feel pain, strain or lose form, the reps end.
Do you want to get more flexible, balanced and strong over time or join the many others who quit exercising because they didn’t enjoy it, it didn’t match their body or they got hurt?
So yes, it depends.

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