About Brian

Patient and Doctor

Ever since I was a kid my left hip was stiffer than the right one. At age twelve, a slight spinal curvature (scoliosis) was found and I couldn’t twist my body left as far. The plan was to monitor my posture yearly and make sure it didn’t get worse. Neither problem was ever treated. Playing for years with those imbalances led to a knee injury that ended my high school sports career. That was rough, but the surgery and rehab that followed led to a career in healthcare.

I became the physical therapy coordinator of Buffalo General Hospital’s Spine Center.  Helping people with severe dysfunction and multiple surgeries inspired me to become a chiropractor. My goal was to prevent people from becoming so challenged and promote health versus treating conditions. Through the combination of physical therapy and chiropractic care, I help people get and stay active. But even with all this knowledge another health problem was smoldering.

I went from playing basketball and volleyball with some left hip soreness to intense pain and being unable to sit down or put on a sock…literally overnight.  Years of abnormal motion led to severe left hip arthritis at age 40.  It hurt mentally too. Missing out on playing with our boys, skipping family vacations because I couldn’t keep up and fearing people would judge me as a failure were part of the stress. After five years of increasing pain, limping, and weakness, I had hip resurfacing surgery (similar to joint replacement).

Those experiences gave me insight into what others go through and how small imbalances in motion that go ignored cause big problems later. But now I’m stronger, more flexible and can do more than ten years ago.

You can too.

I’d love to show you how to get and stay active.