Most gyms offer personal training and group classes, which appeal to many looking for guidance. They have set programs where everyone is plugged right in. Some teach modifications, but most people just do what everyone else does with varying weight. Their criteria for personal training are that you show up and pay. Some even advertise injury/post-surgery rehab without any formal education and training. What could go wrong?
New York State has stricter licensing for hair stylists and nail techs than personal trainers.

Some things to consider.
Did they take a health and surgery history?
Did they assess your motion and discover your left versus right side differences?
Did they assess your posture?
Did they test your balance in various positions?
Based off of your assessment, did they share where you’re most at risk for injury?
Did they test what exercises your body can handle and which ones should you avoid?
Did they tell you how to judge when to modify or stop an exercise even before the reps are done?
Did they tell you when to hold off on training to get treatment for a painful problem?

One local gym has group training with one “coach” for 25 people. What’s “personal” about that? Another gym promises to lose 22 pounds in 44 days regardless of your body history and ability. Good luck with that …and remember me when you’re injured.

Exercise reinforces what you have. Exercising with abnormal movement and posture causes compensation, strain & injury.

If the exercise is causing pain, clicking and cracking, or you cannot maintain proper form and control, it’s a problem.
If your trainer doesn’t listen to you or modify the approach for you, leave.
If you’re in a class where 25 to 40 people, each with different motion, posture, strength, balance, injury and surgery histories are asked to do the same thing, the same way, for the same time,you’re an injury waiting to happen.

You can JUST DO IT, or you can learn how to DO IT RIGHT.

Contact us to set up your posture and motion assessment and learn what customized exercises you need to reach your goals and avoid injury.


Brian Cox, Physical Therapist and Chiropractor.



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